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Love Spells

We cast spells to return lost lovers, to remove relationship problems, and highly effective break-up spells.

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Success Spells

We remove any energetic factors that may be preventing you from being successful

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Protection and Cleansing Spells

Protection Spells and Spiritual Cleansing Spells work protect your entire being.

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Curses and Hexes

In most cases, Curses and Hexes get their manifestation power not only using magic, but through the universal Law of Justice.

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Family and Friendship Spells

Remove family problems, protect your residence from negative energy and creating true and lasting friendships.

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Beauty and Well-being

From weight loss to removing negative energy from your soul, these spells work for beauty and well-being.

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What we Do

We offer affordable, yet powerful and potent Voodoo services that only a select few can deliver. No matter if you are in need of love spells, success spells, protection work, or spiritual cleansings, we are here to assist you. Click here for all our Spells.

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As mambos asogwe (Voodoo High Priestesses), we have reached the highest initiation status within the Voodoo religion and tradition. This makes us exceptionally qualified to cast spells and to offer spiritual services to those in need. Click here to get to know us.

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Are you interested in working with us? Do you want to solve your problems through spiritual help? We are here to assist you with all your spiritual needs and help you solve any problems you may have. Click here to find out how you can work with us.

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What is Voodoo and Why is it So Powerful?

Voodoo is a type of religion that originated in Sub Saharan Africa and was brought to the US and the Caribbean by African slaves.  In the Western Hemisphere, it was felt to begin around the early 1700s in Haiti.  It started as a snake cult.  The cult worshipped several different spirits, and gradually, it intermingled with Catholicism so that the Catholic saints and Catholic rituals were included as a part of voodoo.  It was brought first to Louisiana in 1804 by displaced Haitian plantation owners who brought their slaves with them—slaves who practiced voodoo religiously.

Voodoo has ancient origins, dating to prehistoric times.  It is alternatively known as vaudoux, vodou, voudoun, vaudin and vodun.   Eighty million individuals practice voodoo throughout the world, and more people are joining the voodoo movement every day.

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When you first order a spell, you might want to know if it’s going to be a success before you even order it. But is this the best approach? Some witches might say that questioning a spell’s effectiveness before it is done is a sign you’re not 100% confident in the spell…and that alone can […]

How You can Help the Spell’s Energy to Manifest

Though you might have ordered the right spell, if your mind is not focused, your spell’s energy may not end up where you want it to go. Training your mind takes time and effort, but when you want spell work to succeed, you need to prioritize visualization. With a few simple exercises, you can increase […]

Papa Legba

If you’ve started to learn about Voodoo, you may have already encountered the name, Papa Legba. As the intermediary between the human world and the spirit world, this being is the one who is always called on first during rituals and the one who is always called last in rituals. His importance to Voodoo cannot […]

How Voodoo Spells are performed and what they can do for You

There are many elaborate voodoo rituals that involve the practice of secret languages and “spirit dancing”, as well as elaborate diets consumed specifically by the voodoo priestesses.  It is believed that the souls of our ancestors walk among us, especially during times of spiritual dancing.  If you touch the spirit-possessed dancer, it is believed that this is a dangerous thing to do and can harm the person who tries to do it.

Voodoo is a religion that practices the use of powerful spells.  The spells can be cast to honor voodoo gods, or they can be cast for removing problems, obstacles, interferences, and obtaining wishes and goals.  Voodoo contains both positive magic, as well as dark magic in which evil spirits are summoned, and hexes are cast.

The Practitioners of Voodoo

There are both priestesses and priests in voodoo religion, but it is said that women are much more powerful.  One who deems to become a priest or priestess must pass through various, intense stages of initiation until they reach the highest level.  They learn the abilities of healing, honoring the gods, summoning the ancestors, different rituals, ceremonies, spell casting, and building up enough energy to achieve the desired results.  Voodoo is a very powerful religion with many beliefs that cannot be ignored by the general populace.

Each voodoo priest operates out of a different parish.  We are here in the United States, and all ceremonies and spells are carried out at our temple, also called a hounfort or peristyle.  The altars for the Lwa can contain food, amulets, money, candles, ritual necklaces, ceremonial rattles, rum, bells, pictures of saints, sacred stones, drums, and knives, among many other things.

The Importance of the Loa

All practitioners of voodoo believe in a single supreme being who was the creator of the universe.  This deity is too far away from us in order to connect to us.  It is for this reason that the lesser deities are necessary for closer communication with the gods. These lesser deities are known as the lwa.  They help guide the lives of people who believe in voodoo.  The lwa are the spirits of animals, one’s ancestors, natural forces, and the spirits of evil and good.  They believe in a two parted soul—one that is known as the little good angel and one that is known as the great good angel.  The great good angel must go into the cosmos following the death of a soul.

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