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How You can Help the Spell’s Energy to Manifest

Spell Manifestation

Though you might have ordered the right spell, if your mind is not focused, your spell’s energy may not end up where you want it to go. Training your mind takes time and effort, but when you want spell work to succeed, you need to prioritize visualization. With a few simple exercises, you can increase the power of your mind and settle down the thoughts that might get in the way of your spell’s energy.

Engage your senses

Your mind is constantly taking in new information and learning new things about its environment. Though you might not realize it, your mind is always working hard to focus in one direction. To help your mind for spell-work, you need to spend time finding ways to control the vibes and energy you take in – as well as to take in more positive thoughts and energy so you can focus the spell in the right direction.

Better said, you need to refine your mind and engage your senses. Start by closing your eyes and trying to think about all the things in the room around you. Think about what you can smell, what you can hear, and what you can sense in the space around you. Without opening your eyes, see how much you can experience and how much you can take in about the place you are.  It can help to have a partner in this process as they can help move you around the room to touch certain things to expand your awareness even further.

Keep practicing this sensory experience with your eyes closed in new rooms. The more you can train your brain to pick up on things that you might not be able to see, the more you will be able to bring into your spell work.

Focus on an image

The next thing you will want to do is find a picture that you can stare at for a while.  Look deeply at this picture and try to remember all the details in the image.  Remember what the picture looks like, what it even feels like, and how it shines in the light.  When you think you’ve looked at the image enough, close your eyes and recreate this image in your mind, down to the most minor details.  You will be able to train your brain to remember and visualize things you’ve already seen.

Remember an apple

Finally, you can train your brain by thinking about an object you know well, like an apple. Close your eyes and think about what an apple looks like, what it feels like, what it tastes like, how it feels in your hand when you touch it, etc.  Try to picture the apple so clearly in your mind that it appears real and tangible.  The more you can do this with items you know, the more your mind will be able to create stronger visualizations for your spells.

What does this all mean? When your brain is able to capture the thing you want to happen or it can visualize the person who might be the target of your magic, you will be able to send more of your energy to that working.  When you’re not as clear about what you’re doing or what you want, the energy of your spell will not know where to go.

Ideally, you will want to practice these visualization exercises every day until you can easily call up images in your mind without being distracting by activities around you. Your mind is your greatest magic, and when you work on it, it will aid in bringing you all you desire.

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