Satisfaction Policy

Our religion, belief, and practice of Voodoo magic are not about money. Never has, never will. That’s why we offer this Satisfaction Policy because your satisfaction with our services is of utmost importance to us.

Please understand that there are no guarantees in magic, and despite our best efforts, our extraordinary powers, wisdom, and knowledge, there are sometimes cases when magic does not work.

That’s why you never pay for “results”, but for the ritual, the materials, the offerings, and the work.

We want all of our clients to be happy and satisfied with their purchase from Voodooria, and most of our clients are. Most clients report that they have gotten more than they had wished for and that each spell led them on a wonderful spiritual journey.

Some spells take longer than others to work. In order for all stubborn influences, blockages, and obstacles to be entirely removed, and for your results to show, it is essential that you give the spell the time it needs.

Free Re-Cast

If your spell has not produced a favorable outcome after six months, we will re-cast your spell free of charge, no question asked. All you have to do is to Request a Free Recast Here.  The re-cast is highly beneficial, and most of the time, 95% of all cases are solved by a re-cast.

Click here to Request a Free Re-Cast


If you do not wish to take advantage of our Free Recast, you may Request a Refund (minus the materials and offerings charge *) two weeks leading up to your 1 year spell anniversary. 

Click here to Request a Refund

* The Materials and Offerings Charges are 29US$ for all spells costing 49US$. 39US$ for all spells costing 69US$. 49US$ for all spells costing 89US$. 59US$ for all spells costing 99US$. 110US$ for all spells costing $170US$, 119US$ for all spells costing 199US$, 195US$ for all spells costing 299US$. The Materials and Offerings Charge will be deducted from the refund.