Voodoo Revenge Spell


Voodoo Revenge Spell


The Voodoo Revenge Spell uses voodoo magic, karma, and the Law of Justice to deliver your revenge on someone who has caused you undue hardship in your life.

The spell collaborates with the universe by following the spell to specifically apply the revenge you desire.

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When the Voodoo Revenge Spell is cast, the magic of the spell enters your entity to collect all the emotions, thoughts, and outcomes that have resulted in someone’s offending actions or words towards you.  When these factors of victimization are gathered up, the spell uses the power of karma to identify the originating energy of the negativity in your being.

Once the individual is highlighted by karma, and the debt of the karmic value is measured, the spell then multiplies the value of the bad karma by three.  Thus, the individual who you are seeking revenge on will be receiving three times more bad karma and negativity than they caused you.

The application of the increased level negativity is due to the universal Law of Justice working its way through the spells voodoo magic and the power of karma.    It is justice that ultimately serves you with the Voodoo Revenge Spell, and knowing that your desires are in the hands of the universe will put your mind at ease that the individual will be receiving their karmic debt for what they have caused you to go through.

In addition to receiving three times as much bad karma, this spell also ensures that the offending individual learns a karmic lesson in that it will infiltrate the individual with unprecedented bad luck and overwhelming negativity in their present state and future.  It will be up to the universe to decide when their karmic debt is paid, and you will have manifested your desires for revenge and will feel the relief that justice and karma have fulfilled your wishes.

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