Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love with you


Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love with you


The Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love with You is one of the oldest rituals in voodoo magic, and one of the most requested.  Its power to bring together two individuals through the universal source of love and voodoo magic sets the stage for a relationship built on unconditional, forever-lasting love.

It does not matter if you are currently in a relationship or have just met the individual;  this spell can be applied to your unique situation with amazing success.

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This spell uses voodoo magic and the universal source of love to take your request for true love and manifest it into your life.  It does not take over the mind or heart of the individual it is cast on, so you can be assured that the love bond the spell creates is pure and true.  The Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love with You is activated by the intensity or your wish and intentions for unconditional love.

When the spell is cast, the voodoo magic duplicates the love you feel for the person receiving the spell and combines it with the universal vibration of love.  This is a very powerful component of the spell as Love is one of the few main ingredients that the universe is made of.  With that being said, you are guaranteed a love bond to manifest and a relationship of your dreams to look forward to your future.

The spell then works to enter the individual’s heart, mind and soul to deliver, and open, the package of love for it to take its shape. This is the phase of the spell in which the manifestation begins.  You will begin to notice a level of attraction forming that did not exist previously.  You will begin to feel that pang of love in your heart and soul and your feelings will be reciprocated.  This is due to the spell activating and forming the bond of true love between you, lasting your future together.

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