Sex Curse


Sex Curse


Depending on who it is cast on, the Sex Curse will prohibit any man or woman from sexually performing and will also remove any future pleasure that having sex may bring them.  Essentially, it leaves men impotent and with no desire to partake in any sexual activity in the future.

For women, sex will be painful, and arousal will be difficult, if not impossible.  The spell uses voodoo magic and the universal Law of Opposites to transform any sexual desire that the person who it is cast on may have into indifference, rendering their lust or passion to be nullified by the spell.

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Sexual energy is a very powerful energy and can be directed and manifested in many ways. For example, it can be stimulated by the passion you feel for someone manifesting as intimacy and love, or it can be stimulated by lust and uncontrolled sexual urges, manifesting in cheating or even worse.  The Sex Curse uses voodoo magic to determine the energetic vibration of the sexual energy of the person it is cast on and then begins the first steps of the spell.

When the person’s energy is identified by the Sex Curse the voodoo magic then brings forth the Law of Opposites – and this is the next step of the process of the spell.  The more rooted in negative energy their sexuality is, the more power the law must work into the spell, and when the law has attached itself to the person’s energetic being, the exact opposite of their desires will begin to be manifested.

This is one of the satisfying features of the Sex Curse, as well as the discomfort, and even pain, the individuals will feel when they attempt to partake in any sexual activity.  The spell tends to make a bad situation worse for the individual and causes issues such as impotence in men and severe discomfort in women.  While the individual is seeking to relieve their sudden problems, you will be resting, completely satisfied, with the magic of the spell.

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