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Money Spell

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The Money Spell is a spell that uses voodoo magic and the Law of Success to introduce, develop, and maintain the flow of money into your life.

If you are struggling with money problems and are in financial need, this spell will work with your urgent financial situation to manifest money into your life.

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The Money Spell uses specific voodoo magic that works with the opposing emotions and thoughts that exist in your energetic being and are preventing you, or blocking, you form achieving financial wealth, and the success to back it up and maintain it.  It then takes these forces that repel money and success and transforms them into elements that attract money and success.

When the spell has been cast, it won’t take long for you to notice the money begins to trickle in.  Although it does start off as a trickle, this is designed to re-train your being to accept your right to the money and break free from the stress of not having enough.  Once you have broken free from the paradigm you have created, the spell then activates the Law of Success.

Once activated, you will begin to have moments, situations, events, and people enter into our life that will begin to increase the flow of money in your life.  Due to the law, you will also be but in positions of growing responsibility and, therefore, income, setting you up for future abundance with opportunities for success and continued wealth.

From a trickle to large sums of money, expect to see the spell manifest money in many shapes and sizes.  Your paychecks will increase, your attraction for money will be stimulated and will grow, and you will have a new perspective on money and success.  You will finally begin to have what you need and deserve to have a future that is stress-free and financially secure.

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Standard Cast $170, Power Cast $299

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  1. M. (verified owner)

    So far it’s been a week. I was down to my last dollar and was super stressed. Just a couple days within this spell cast I have received and extra $300 in income.

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