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Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Voodooria and our Spells (8)

As mambos asogwe (Voodoo High Priestesses) of Voodoo we have reached the highest initiation status within the Voodoo religion and tradition. This makes us exceptionally qualified to cast spells and to offer spiritual services to those in need.

Profound knowledge of Voodoo, and the gift of commanding spirits, lwa, and ancestors. Extreme sensitivity to supernatural energies, magical forces, and spiritual matters.

Yes, our service is real. When you order from Voodooria, you can rest assured that actual and authentic Voodoo magic will be performed on your behalf.

We are initiated in Voodoo since the early Sixties and offer professional spell casting services since the late Seventies. We founded Voodooria in 2010 to bring affordable access to authentic Voodoo services.

In order to work with us, there is no consultation needed. All our spells are described in great detail and explain what they will do for you. You will have to look through our spells and pick the one(s) that suit(s) your needs.

Please understand that we are very busy casting spells, and to keep our prices affordable, we do not have the time for free emotional support, guidance, or readings.

We invest an enormous amount of time into our website, from Frequently Asked Questions to Blog Articles. 99% of all your questions have already been answered on our site. Please take the time to read it.

We cannot answer any questions that have already been answered on our website.

In certain cases, we do, but only locally, for people living in the Southern California area. However, there are charges for our service, supplies, and fuel. Our fees start at USD 500. Services that may be performed in person are:

  • Removing harmful energy from your home, business or property
  • Smudging
  • Spirit removal
  • Negative Energy and Curse Removal from your home and Family
  • Blessing homes, persons, and businesses

Since we are very busy, we only accept cases that are in real need of us performing the service at your place. If the matter can be resolved by a spell or exorcism, we will recommend the right course of action.

We no longer offer phone consultations; all communication with our clients is done online. Not only is it more convenient for our clients, but also for us. It is easier to read your messages than jotting down notes while listening to you on the phone.

We have been working with clients since the late Seventies and have a tremendous amount of experience when it comes to spell casting and spell work. Several years ago, we came to realize that there are many souls in dire need of spiritual help that simply can’t afford the high prices of most Voodoo practitioners.

That’s when Voodooria was founded. We specialize in what we do best, providing authentic Voodoo spell casting services to people, that are in need of spiritual help and know what they want.

We can keep our prices low because we cut back on consultations, readings, and emotional support.

If these things are important to you, then we may not be the right practitioners for you. We invest an enormous amount of time into our website, from FAQs to Blog Articles. 99% of all your questions are already answered on our site. Please take the time to read it.

2. Order Process - Working with Us (18)

Please understand that magic is a process that goes through stages. Nothing happens overnight. Let your spell go through its full cycle. Results vary from case to case; however, most clients report full results 4 weeks to 7 months after the spell is cast.

No, we do not need to ship anything to your house. This is a full-service spell casting service and we will take of everything.

You may pay securely via credit card on our website.

Yes, when placing your order, you will be asked to enter all the details about your case, upload pictures and tell us precisely what you want.

To help you, we will need your full name, your date of birth, and your picture. In some countries, the date of birth is not exact; in these cases, we accept an approximate date of birth.

As to your lover’s information (for love spells), we will need their name, date of birth (optional), as well as their picture.

If you are ordering a break-up spell, we need as much information about the third party as you can provide. Ideally, you can provide name, date of birth, and a picture. If you don’t have any information about this person, we can still help you.

As for other targets, we require at least a name, but a picture and date of birth would be even more helpful.

Once you have placed your order, submitted payment, and all the required information for your spell work, you will receive an order confirmation with an order number. If you need to submit additional pictures or information, please send them to us via email.

As soon as we have received all the above mentioned, we will get started with the preparations right away. First, we will analyze your situation to identify all underlying issues, spiritual influences, and all internal as well as external factors that may influence your situation. We will then select the proper ingredients and materials that are best suited and most helpful to your case. Once this process has been completed, we will start the actual spell casting process immediately. This entire process takes from 1 to 4 business days. As soon as we have completed the spell, we will contact you right away and give you all the details about your spell work.


We will need your first and last name, your date of birth and a picture of you. If you order a love spell or a spell that involves another person, then we also need their first and last names, their dates of birth (optional), and their picture. You will submit all these details during the checkout process. When the spell involves another target, we need at least their name. Their dates of birth and pictures would be beneficial but are not mandatory.

You also have the option to tell us what you want the spell to accomplish.


We only offer the spells listed on our site. If you can’t find the one you need on our site, then we do not offer it. At any rate, we regularly add new spells.

Yes, we can help you. Our clients live all over the world. At any rate, we cannot accommodate you with individual payment options. You will have to use the payment options listed on our site. All charges will be made in US Dollars. If you do not know how much our prices are in your local currency, please use a currency converter.

We cannot cast spells for anyone under the age of 18.

Voodooria has a very high success rate. Most of our clients are extremely happy with our work and the improvements and results they have received. Our Voodoo spells will direct a tremendous amount of positive forces and energies towards your problems and wishes. The Lwa will be hard at work for you.


We will notify you! Once we have received your order, payment, and the case information, we will start preparing your spell/s right away. It takes about 1-4 business days to prepare your spell-work and to cast your spell/s. After the process has been completed, we will notify you right away. You will know immediately when the work has been completed.

You will have to order the spell or spells through our website. Add the spell/s to the cart and follow the checkout process. You can securely pay by credit card right on our site. During the order process, you will be asked to submit all the necessary information needed for your spell work. Once everything has been received, we will get started with our preparations right away.

Unfortunately, there are never any guarantees within the spiritual realm. They simply do not exist. However, we can guarantee that authentic Voodoo magic will be performed on your behalf and that we will do our very best to help you. That’s why all purchases are covered by our Satisfaction Policy!

Yes, many clients order several spells at the same time or order additional spells while waiting for results of previous cast spells. It does not cause any problems; the spells will work simultaneously and independently.

Yes, all spells and results are permanent!

We offer a wide variety of spells that are described and explained in great detail. Please read the descriptions and chose the spell or spells that best fit your goals and wishes.

Also, keep in mind our spells are customized, and you will have to provide details about your case and your wishes.  Rest assured that the spell will ultimately fit your exact wishes and goals.

All spells are usually cast and completed within 1 to 4 business day(s) after you have placed your order and submitted all required information and pictures.

3. General Spell Casting Questions (25)

No, you will definitely not reap any bad karma or any other adverse side effects. Our spells are all 100% safe! Otherwise, we would not offer this service. Your happiness, safety, and satisfaction with our spells are of utmost importance to us. We do not cast evil magic, even when you have us cast harmful spells such as a revenge spell, a curse, a sex curse, etc. they are cast in a way that the target will get what they deserve. All our spells are cast with the best intentions, and they will never negatively affect you, us, or upset the Lwa, the ancestors, or spirits.

Many clients report very vivid dreams, feelings of euphoria, extreme happiness, anxiousness, and others who do not feel anything at all. Always keep in mind, whatever you dream, not dream, feel, nor not feel, is no indication of the spell working or not working.


Voodoo is a West African folk magic that has been practiced for centuries. It is extremely powerful and is among the most potent forms of magic available to humankind. African slaves brought the practice with them to South America, which later gave birth to many similar beliefs such as Candomble in Brazil, Santeria in Cuba, etc. Most voodoo spells involve a ritual that is conducted to communicate with lwa and spirits associated with it. The worship of lwa is an essential aspect of the Voodoo religion. To learn about Voodoo, please visit our Blog, we have written many articles about Voodoo.

You may contact us through our website, but please keep in mind that we are very busy and not on the computer all the time.

There are several things you can do, most importantly, be positive.

Positive thinking and belief in the spell-work are essential. Once the spell-work is complete, allow the spell to go through its full motion. Allow it to happen. Do not obsess over the spell, signs, lack of signs, setbacks, etc. Spells work differently for different people. Every person has their very own spiritual journey. Our best advice, forget about the spell and focus on the positive things in your life. You will be very pleasantly surprised!

Keep the spell work private. Spells work best and fastest in secrecy. The less you talk about it with other people, the better it will work. This is especially true if you open up to people that may not believe in Voodoo or magic and then put doubts into you, which will make it difficult for you to remain positive.

Don’t expect instant results! Voodoo is not a push-button kind of thing; it is a process. It takes time to work, give it the time it needs.

If you feel your situation is complicated or complex, you need to order the Extreme Force Cast Strength. Based on past experiences, we also recommend the potency of a  Voodoo Binding Spell (for love related matters), and the Spell to Remove Spiritual Blockages.


Your own feelings are not affected. At any rate, if you want your own feelings to be affected, you will have to request it in the Case Information Form.

No, it will not!

It depends on how long ago your spell was cast.

If it has not been six months yet since your spell was cast, relax! Give it some more time and allow the spell to go through its full motion.

Some clients ask us what they can do to make the spell stronger and to speed things up. In these cases, you may want to have us cast the spell again. A second cast can be added at any time. Just order the same spell again.

If it’s a love-related matter, you may want to add the Voodoo Binding Spell. The Love Binding Spell has been shown very effective in adding potency and speed to slow working spells. The same applies to the Spell to Remove Spiritual Blockages; it helps any spell to move forward much smoother.

If it has been longer than six months you may request a free Re-cast here: Request a free Re-Cast

If it two weeks of your 1 year order anniversary, you may request a refund here: Request a Refund

We have written about this extensively in our Blog. Please visit our Blog to learn more about Voodoo, Lwa, Spell Casting, and Magic.

To submit a review, please log into your account, then click on Orders, select the spell, and click on “Write a Review”. This review option is only available to people that have actually purchased the spell.

Yes, we never publish names nor usernames. All names are automatically reduced to the first letter of your user name. No name, full username, or email address will be displayed. Only the first letter of your Username. If your username is Voodoo12, then only a V. will appear in the review.

Your privacy is fully assured. We have many safeguards in place to protect your privacy, not only online but also offline.

Always keep in mind that spells and hexes are no instant fixes that work by a push of a button. They take time to manifest. If you are expecting results overnight, then this journey is not for you. Spells can take anywhere from a few weeks or longer for initial movements. Most spells work between 4 weeks and six months; in some cases, it may go faster; in others, it may take longer. Keep in mind that spells work differently for different people. It’s very difficult to predict how soon YOUR spell will work. But please do not panic if you have not seen results as soon as you want them too. It is normal! Panic only leads to negative thinking, which will only further slow things down. Therefore our best advice is to think positive and allow the spell to go through its full motion. The Lwa will not disappoint you. Always remember, you are fully covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee!

No, never! We have many safeguards in place to prevent all our spells from backfiring. Please keep in mind that we are not amateurs; we are professionals with many decades of experience.

It depends on how you define “hopeless”. We have dealt with extremely difficult and complex cases, and cases that took a long time and several spells to solve. There were also cases that we could not solve, especially those where addiction was involved or when the spiritual path was ruined by too much unprofessional spell work.

We always recommend not to contact the target and to wait for the target to initiate contact. But if there is a reason to contact the target (other than testing the water), you may certainly do so. Please make sure that you avoid drama, fights, arguments, negativity, and, most importantly, do not harass the target.

The most important thing you can do is to think positively. At the same time, live your life with your goal in mind. If it’s a love spell, take care of yourself, if it’s a job spell, focus on your resume and give your all during the interview process, etc. We always recommend our clients to forget about the spell and, most importantly, not to obsess over it. Other than that, there are no rules on how to behave.

Of course!

Yes, of course we do!  We want our clients to be satisfied!

We are very organized. Every client has their own file, where we keep track of all the information needed for the spell work. We also keep detailed notes on offerings, prayers, special requests, and email communications.

Reinforcement spells can be helpful in difficult and complex situations. To reinforce a spell, you will need to order another spell (the same you ordered before) and mention in the order information that you want it to be cast as a reinforcement spell. You can order the same strength level or a stronger strength level.

It is all explained in our Satisfaction Policy. If your spell should really not work after six months, we will re-cast your spell free of charge. You will have to request the free re-cast through the Re-cast Form. Re-cast requests made by Email can not be honored.

No, we do not offer a Newsletter. All our coupons and discounts are posted on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Accounts. Please follow us.

You are fully covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have not received results after 12 months, you qualify for a refund, or you may have your spell recast free of charge after six months. Please click here for details.

4. Satisfaction Policy - Recasts and Refunds (4)

As explained in our Satisfaction Policy you qualify for a refund if you have not received results within 12 months and have not used the free re-cast after 6 months.

In order to request a refund, you will need to fill out the Refund-Request Form within the 2 weeks leading up to the 12 months anniversary of your order date.

In the unlikely event that you have not received results within 6 months you do qualify for a free recast, no question asked. In most cases this is all that is needed to make results happen. In order to request a free re-cast please fill out the Re-Cast Request Form.

Yes, of course we do!  We want our clients to be satisfied!

Unfortunately, there are never any guarantees within the spiritual realm. They simply do not exist. However, we can guarantee that authentic Voodoo magic will be performed on your behalf and that we will do our very best to help you. That’s why all purchases are covered by our Satisfaction Policy!


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