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What are the Signs that a Spell is Working?

Signs of the Spell Working

When you first order a spell, you might want to know if it’s going to be a success before you even order it. But is this the best approach? Some witches might say that questioning a spell’s effectiveness before it is done is a sign you’re not 100% confident in the spell…and that alone can cause it to not have the outcome you want it to have. However, if you’re simply interested in knowing when things have worked, there are some signs that will emerge.

Love spells

If you’ve cast a love spell, you want to know if it’s working almost as soon as you’ve cast it, no doubt. You want to know if this person is falling in love with you or if you need to find someone else to open your heart to. Some of the earliest signs you might see is the other person reaching out to you for no apparent reason. They might say that they were thinking of you or that they felt they needed to talk to you.

You might also notice that things you associate with the other person start to show up in strange places. For example, you might end up being at the same doctor’s office as the person you love. Or you might end up seeing their name in things you read, when it’s not a common name.  The more you look around in the world, the more you begin to see that the person of your desire is coming your way – just as you had hoped.

Messages in the world

Many people who work with magic do not believe in coincidences. They believe everything is a sign that something is happening or about to happen. After you’ve done a spell, it can help to keep a journal of all the things that seem to be related to the magic. For example, you might want to write down all the songs you hear on the radio or all the strange messages you see as you’re walking through the world. Take time to look at billboards or art pieces to see if they are telling you anything about your spell.

If you’re not noticing any apparent signs, then look for differences in your experience of the world. Just write down things that have not been common in your experience before and then review your notes later.  You could also use tarot cards or some other divination method to find out if the spell is working.

Prophetic dreams

Some will also begin to have intense dreams as they begin working with magic. They might begin to see the outcome of the spell showing up in their dreams or there might be signs in a dream that things will not work out as expected. If you’re a person who might have troubles remembering dreams, it is wise to keep a journal by your bedside and write down anything you remember as soon as you wake up, even if it doesn’t make sense. It can also help to tell yourself that you WILL remember your dreams before you fall into bed. This way, your brain is already focused on keeping some of the snippets of your dreams in your conscious mind.

Even more than signs and circumstances, you can tell that a spell is working by listening to your gut. Do you feel that things are happening? Is it the time of the month when the moon is full? (Sometimes spells are more likely to come to fruition during the growing moon cycle)

And if you’re not feeling that a spell is working, be patient. It might simply need more time, another moon cycle. If it’s still not happening then, think back to whether you believed in your spell or if you need to change the way you worded your intention.

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