Spell Removal


Spell Removal


This Spell Removal sets a very high standard for other spells like it.  It uses voodoo magic and the sovereign, neutralizing the power of the universe to remove an offending spell by way of its magic.

This means that, regardless of the intention of the spell you wish to remove, or if the spell you want to be removed has been cast by you, on you, or cast by someone else on someone else, this spell can be used.

It is the number of applicable situations that this spell can be applied to that gives it such versatility.

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Because the Spell Removal works with the ever-present and unchanging neutralizing power of the universe, and as the universe works with you rather than against you, any magic present in the energetic body of an individual will be completely nullified.  In the case that a spell has been cast on you with negative intentions, you will suddenly feel uplifted due to the offending spells negativity being released from your soul and weighing you down.

If you think you, or someone you know, has had a spell cast on them, and it is manifesting as disruption in their lives, the Spell Removal can be applied.  It’s unique ability to use voodoo magic in conjunction with the universal source of balance not only neutralizes negative forces within the soul and provides a protective layer around your energetic being.

This energetic shell uses the voodoo magic of the Spell Removal to bind you with the power of the universe to continue to offer you, or whomever the spell is cast on, balance and protection from any ill intentions or magic along their future journey.  The aspect of long-lasting protection due to the spells magic will give you a sense of comfort and relief, knowing that spell is guarding you against any ill will along your journey.

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