Voodoo Curse


Voodoo Curse


The Voodoo Curse is a spell that should be considered very carefully in that if it is applied to someone who is undeserving of a curse, it will back fire and be redirected at you. Please only have this curse cast on people that did you wrong.

However, if you wish to curse an individual who truly deserves it, and has harmed you in any way, this spell is very powerful and will work well in manifesting your desires.

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The reason why it is so important to know how the direction of the curse works is because it could be detrimental to you as the opposite effects will be manifested if the person is undeserving of a curse.  However, depending on the situation, the Voodoo Curse will look at the person who has wronged you, in any way, and will take their bad karma and manipulate it; this manipulation causes the universe to swiftly punish an offending individual based on their own bad karma or negativity.

If there is a lot of negativity in the individual, the Voodoo Curse will manifest in a number of ways including as nightmares, anxiety, chest pressure, paranoia, unexplained irritability, anger, awful body odor, an extended streak of very bad luck, not being able to succeed, and so on.  It uses the existing negativity to promote the curse into action.  However, if there is no negativity in the individual, and they have not wronged you, the curse will not work.

Cast under the right circumstances, there is no need to worry about the energy being redirected on to you.  In fact, you will feel a sense of relief and justice once you witness the Voodoo Curse spell actively manifesting in the individual’s life, and you will regain control over your life that you once had.  It will also offer you protection from being harmed or offended by that individual again due to the Law of Justice and the voodoo magic working in your entity.

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