Remove Someone’s Influence on Another


Remove Someone’s Influence on Another


This spell can be used by you for another to remove a negative influence from their lives.  In fact, your desire to help another who is being subject to harm or bad intentions is one of the main ingredients of the spell.

In addition, the Remove Someone’s Influence on Another Spell uses voodoo magic and the universal Law of Subconscious Activity to break any bond between the person you have cast the spell on and the intruder in their life.

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It is this bond that almost hypnotized the victim into falling for every trick the offending individual plays on them.  They could be dominating financial decisions, romantic choices, or anything really – as long as they are controlling the free will of another by the power of their influence, this spell can be applied.

When the Remove Someone’s Influence on Another spell is cast, it enters both participants energetic being and the voodoo magic works to find the energetic bond between the two.  This bond is built from negative forces that are invading and interfering with the choices and decisions of another person due to invading influences.

When these invading influences are identified and stimulated, the universal Law of Subconscious Activity begins to enter both the offender’s energetic being and the victim, to break the bond that is between the two.  It is this subconscious bond that creates the power to influence, and the law will work to release the injured party from the negative forces and control of the culprit.

As noted, the fuel for the Remove Someone’s Influence on Another is your desire for justice and your concern for the person being taken advantage of.  It is not often that one requests the universe to help another, and it is a delight to respond to your request for release and relief from another’s control.

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