Voodoo Punishment Hex


Voodoo Punishment Hex


The Voodoo Punishment Hex is a very useful spell for those who wish to punish someone that has done them wrong.  The spell uses voodoo magic, Karma and the universal Law of Attraction and the Law of Justice to attach itself to the energetic being of the person whom the spell has been cast upon.

When the spell has been set into action, every aspect of the individual’s life will be touched by this hex.

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If there is someone who has caused you undeserved problems, stress or negativity in your life, and you are looking to give them a taste of their own medicine, the Voodoo Punishment Hex could be exactly what you are looking for.  When the spell is cast, the voodoo magic begins its work, on an energetic level, and once the magic has attached itself to the individual, the spell then reviews the karmic debt of the individual.

The Voodoo Punishment Hex will not only determine the bad karma the individual has built up from their behaviors or actions towards you, but it also considers all bad karma that may exist in the individual’s account.  This review of the bad karma balance is then subjected to the power of the Law of Justice for its input on how to manifest the spell in the person’s life.

When the Law of Justice has worked through all the sources of bad karma in the individual, the Voodoo Punishment Hex then stimulated the manifesting action of the spell by applying the Law of Attraction to the persons present and future.  This is when the spell begins to manifest as overwhelming negative emotions and thoughts; everything they do or touch will turn out as misfortune, and they will feel like they have lost control of their life.

Because of the ingredients of the spell, including karma and the Law of Justice, the spell will remain functioning in the person’s life until they have learned their lesson(s), and/or their karmic debt is repaid in full.  It is the desire of the spell to manifest justice and your wishes according to the universe and its objectives.

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