Bad Luck Spell


Bad Luck Spell


When someone is deserving of it, the Bad Luck Spell uses a variety of influences including voodoo magic, the universal Law of Attraction and the energy of Luck itself.  There are two sides to Luck – bad luck and good luck.

There are also a variety of forms that this spell will manifest into and, considering the individual’s karma as well, the magic will work to drastically change the luck of the person it is cast on, focusing the attention on the form of bad luck specifically.

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If there is someone in your life that is self-centered, cruel, and essentially flexing their negative forces in your life, then the Bad Luck Spell is what you are looking for.  When the voodoo magic has been initiated through the spell, it will enter the heart of the person it is cast on.  It is in the heart that the soul’s expression comes from; therefore, if the heart is impure, so is the soul.

Although impurities may exist in the person’s heart, it may seem like their lives are full of fortune and good luck.  If this is the case, the Bad Luck Spell will use the power of Luck to shift the energy of itself in the person’s entity.  This shift is from good luck to bad luck, and once it has taken place, the spell then can begin its manifestation process.

It is at this stage that the Law of Attraction tends to its role in the Bad Luck Spell, and as it settles into the energetic being of the person who the spell has been cast upon, it begins to attract all definitions of bad luck and misfortune in the individual’s life.  They will be prone to accidents, poor health, financial crisis, or whatever the universe deems fit.

When the person is especially deserving of bad luck, the spell is accelerated, and the manifestation process happens abruptly and quite obviously.  The strength behind the spell is that using it allows the universe to balance out any debt through the application of bad luck.

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