Hex to Reveal the Truth about Someone 


Hex to Reveal the Truth about Someone 


The Hex to Reveal the Truth About Someone is a very specific, and therefore unique, spell that works with voodoo magic, the Law of Subconscious Activity and the Law of Attraction to reveal the true colors, identity, and intentions of an individual.

Like a flashlight, it is a spell that uses the light of truth to expose an individual for who and what they are, providing everyone who is involved in the person’s life to realize their true authentic character.

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Once cast, the voodoo magic of the spell will enter the energetic vibration of the person it has been cast upon.  From there, the spell will use the Law of Subconscious Activity to conjure up deep-rooted, negative, characteristics of the individual.  This energetic raising up of the character allows the light of truth to shine its unobscured energy on what has been raised from the subconscious.

It is when the light of truth exposes the energetic values of the character that the Hex to Reveal the Truth About Someone begins to manifest its magic and your desires.  Due to the exposure to truth, people will begin to see the serious flaws of the individual who has had the spell cast on.  If they gossip or cause intentional havoc or stress in yours and other people’s lives, everyone will begin to see the truth behind the intentions in the person’s actions, words, expressions.  People will also become aware of the fact that the individual is the root cause of unwanted negativity.

When the Law of Attraction begins to work its manifestation powers, the individual will begin to attract all things that will expose their true self, including evidence, people, and new information.  This spell tends to manifest fairly quickly, but you will begin to witness a drastic change in the person after a few weeks or months of exposure to the spell.  It may seem like they suddenly change overnight and take responsibility for their actions.  Ultimately, the spell works for everyone’s best interests.

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