Spell to Send someone away


Spell to Send someone away


The Spell to Send Someone Away is a banishing spell that uses voodoo magic and the universal Law of Opposites to push away the energy of any individual you wish to be removed from your life.

This spell not only removes the energetic entity from your life, but it also shields you from having that energy, or individual, from invading your life in the future.

An offensive and defensive spell, once cast, the voodoo magic will enter your energetic being and the energetic being of the individual whom you have the spell cast on.  The voodoo magic works to find the bond that has been created by the power of the Law of Attraction working in your life – that is, the more you wish to remove someone from your life, the more you will attract that person.

When the magic has found this bond, it then works to shift your paradigm first, and then to repel the energy of the opposing force of the individual who you wish to send away.  You will begin to feel a mental release from this action, and once this is achieved, the Law of Opposites begins to work to manifest the desired effects of the spell.

When the law enters your, and the other persons, energetic being, it seeks out the mode of manifestation for the spell, which is the bond between you and the individual.  Through this bond, the Law of Opposites begins to attract opposite values that will fend off the negative entity in your life.  When the opposition has been removed, the spell then acts as an energetic barrier, set at a vibration that will prevent the energy, or person, from invading your life again.

There really are a variety of benefits to this spell, including your wish to send someone away being fulfilled.  You can also rest assured that you will be protected by voodoo magic and universal laws from ever having to experience that entity in your life again.

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