Lotto Spell


Lotto Spell


The Lotto Spell has a variety of properties that work to manifest winning numbers and/or tickets for lotteries.

The spell works with voodoo magic, the universal Law of Numbers (also known as Numerology), the universal Law of Odds and your intention and desire to increase our chances of winning at lotteries.

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Once the Lotto Spell is cast, the voodoo magic merges up with your request to increase your chances of winning in lotteries.  Based on the power of your desire, it then tunes in with the universal Law of Numbers to begin to identify your number pattern.  We all have a specific pattern of numbers that express our unique energy, and the law uses this unique pattern to match it up with upcoming lotteries that you will be playing.

Because of this numeric fingerprint and the Law of numbers actively working through the Lotto Spell, you will begin to notice numbers jump out at you or colors of lotto tickets vibrating – this is the spell manifesting itself in your present experience, and it is telling you to select those numbers or that lotto item.  Sometimes it manifests winning numbers in dreams, so be sure if you get a number message, write it down, so you don’t forget it when you wake up.

Due to the activity of the Law of Odds, the more lotteries you play, the more you will win.  In a sense, the law has an underlying effect that might seem counterproductive at first.  But you will begin to see how it manifests odds in your favor as almost every lottery ticket you purchase will be a winner.  The more frequently you play, the more frequently you’ll win.

When the Lotto Spell has been cast, be open to its forms of communication with you.  Once you learn how the spell speaks to you and manifests your intentions, you will eventually become well versed in the language of the spell.

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Standard Cast $170, Power Cast $299


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