Remove Negative Feelings


Remove Negative Feelings


The Remove Negative Feelings spell is a very exclusive spell that works with voodoo magic on a conscious and subconscious level.

It works with the universal Law of Opposites and Law of Cycles to begin shifting your thought process from a negative place to a positive place.  This spell also helps you develop mindfulness, or present state awareness, which keeps you grounded and helps maintain a state of positivity.

Negative feelings start off as negative conscious or subconscious thoughts.  When we continue to reprocess a thought or opinion or memory that stems from adversity, it manifests feelings that are associated with the root of the thought or memory.  You are feeling what you are thinking, and you have control over this with the use of the Remove Negative Feelings spell.

From the start, the spell works with the Law of Cycles to find out where and how your thought processes are being directed by negative memories, thoughts or experiences.  The law then uses its universal power to permanently shift the direction of any cycle that is associated with the negativity.  This begins to change the negative energy itself, which makes retraining your thought cycles a breeze.

Assisting the voodoo magic and the Law of Cycles is the Law of Opposites.  Its role in the Remove Negative Feelings spell is to remove the bricks of the foundation of your thought cycles and replace them with opposite, positive, material.  This rebuilds a very solid foundation for you to nurture and develop positive, healthy patterns that will give you relieve, control, and happiness.

The Remove Negative Feelings spell is a very proactive spell that clears up the storm of negative feelings and thoughts in your soul while providing you with a calm, clear sense for the future.  Your joy and happiness will exponentially increase, and you will be filled with positive and healthy thoughts for the future.

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