Voodoo Court Case Spell


Voodoo Court Case Spell


Whether you are a witness, plaintiff or defendant, the Voodoo Court Case Spell is designed to help you with any court case or lawsuit that you may be involved with.

It uses voodoo magic, the universal Law of Harmony and the universal Law of Justice to manifest a favorable outcome on your behalf.

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There are so many elements of our lives that a court case can impact including our families, careers, and bank accounts.  The Voodoo Court Case Spell does not change guilt into innocence. However, it works with the universal Law of Justice to bring forward any and all details of a case that will offer you a favorable outcome.  Perhaps the spell will manifest as a witness that relays your innocence, or evidence is submitted that works to your benefit.

It is not only the voodoo magic and the Law of Justice working tirelessly for you but the universal Law of Harmony too.  This ingredient acts as a harmonizing effect on the energy of the lawsuit or court case you are facing.  Because the spell is rooted in the manifestation of justice in your particular case, the Law of Harmony then is stimulated to maintain the consistency of justice based on universal laws and our justice systems.

The complete manifestation of the spell in your case could be through gentle swaying of events that end up in your favor. Or, the case could even get overturned or thrown out of court completely. The Voodoo Court Case Spell has a very unique property in that it works with two different universal laws at the same time.  Through the power of these universal laws, and the voodoo magic, you have a very strong chance of walking out of your lawsuit or court case guilt-free.

This will, in turn, improve all the areas of your life that have been suffering from legal battles.  You will experience an enormous sense of relief as you no longer have the stress and worry of court on your mind.  The only thing this spell can’t do for you is offer you legal advice.

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