Gambling Spell


Gambling Spell


The Gambling Spell works with voodoo magic, good luck, and the universal Law of Intention to increase the payout you receive from any model of gambling.

If you go to a casino to play the slots, bet on horses at the race tracks or if poker is your chosen activity, this spell will manifest monetary results in your pocket and provide you with the know-how to do so.

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The spell works first from your desire and intention to increase your luck during your gambling activities.  Based on your current inventory of win or loss streaks, and the number of pay-ins to pay-outs, the Gambling Spell creates a tally sheet of your account for the universe to review.  The universe identifies any areas of misfortune or bad luck and replaces them with the energy of fortune and good luck, creating a new vibration, or account, that attracts high payouts and unprecedented winning streaks.

It is through the power of your desire and intention that the Gambling Spell begins to speak to you on universal terms.  If you are trying to make a gambling decision, the spell will point you in the right direction in the form of numbers, colors, names, or anything that will stand out.  Once you learn how the spell manifests your intentions, you will be able to engage with it fluently, and its suggestions for you will be difficult to ignore. Especially when your winnings increase!

There will be so many elements on your side when the Gambling Spell has been cast that it will be hard to deny the power of voodoo magic, luck, and the Law of Intention working for you.  Typically within 24 hours, you will notice favorable returns from your gambling efforts, and within a month, you will be rewarded twofold in your earnings, but the odds will be forever in our favor.

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Standard Cast $170, Power Cast $299


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