Bad Luck Removal


Bad Luck Removal


The Bad Luck Removal spell is made for those who are in the grasps of bad luck and misfortune and can not seem to catch a break no matter what they do.

Using voodoo magic to terminate bad luck, and working with the universal Law of Attraction and Law of Opposites, this spell invites the substance of luck into your energetic being to invite lady luck into your energetic being and future.

The Bad Luck Removal spell can be classified as a cleansing spell as it removes the negative force of bad luck that is manifesting as disappointment and problems in your life.  When the spell is used, voodoo magic enters your soul being to find the place that the source of your bad luck being concealed.  When this source is found, the spell then works to remove the deep-rooted negative energy and pulls up with it past feelings and thoughts that are linked to your bad luck.

When the area of your soul has been cleansed of any energy in the form of bad, the Bad Luck Removal spell then activates the ingredient of the Law of Attraction to begin sourcing the universe for good luck and fortune.  Your soul will have a type of ‘muscle memory’ that has had the element of luck in it before – just the opposite kind that you want.

This is when the Law of Opposites is prompted by the voodoo magic of the spell to begin inserting the opposite forms of misfortune into your soul where bad luck once lived.  When lady luck has happily made her home in your soul, you will then begin to notice the direction of your luck change, and swiftly.

With the Bad Luck Removal spell, you can take a breath of relief knowing that things will take a shift in your favor, and you will develop a sense of trust in fate.  As you begin to manifest the results of fortune and good luck in your life and future, you will be continually grateful for the magic of this spell.

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Standard Cast $170, Power Cast $299


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