Spell to Heal a Broken Heart


Spell to Heal a Broken Heart


The Heal a Broken Heart voodoo spell is quite powerful in its ability to mend wounds of the body, mind, and soul, especially when it relates to a broken heart.

Working with voodoo magic and the Law of Opposites and the Law of Attraction, this spell removes emotional negativity that is rooted in the loss of love in your life and uses the equal amount of intensity that you are feeling to reverse the condition of your soul.


It is not uncommon for each of us to experience true heartbreak in our lives.  Sometimes things just don’t work out, or events happen that are out of our control, leaving us devastated and lost in a deep depression.  The Heal a Broken Heart voodoo spell works with the opposite emotions to neutralize any harmful energies that are dwelling in your soul to give you relief from your broken heart.

This is one way that the spell uses the Law of Opposites. It also uses this universal tool to oppose any negative thoughts or memories that you have associated with the break up of your relationship.  When these opposing forces are balanced out, the spell then conjures up the Law of Attraction to help you move forward with your future by manifesting opportunities to meet new people and find solid sources of love and positivity in your life.

Once the spell is cast, you will need some time for the ultimate results to manifest, but when they do, you will feel like an entirely new person.  Your heart will be light and open, ready to face the world with confidence and pride; ready to receive the gifts the universe has in store for you.  Your soul will also be resonating joy and self-esteem while attracting the people to you that will further develop and nourish that love that exists in your being.

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