Dream of Me Spell


Dream of Me Spell


The Dream of Me Spell is a very particular voodoo spell that works on the astral plane to influence the dreams of whomever you wish.  If it is someone from your past or present, this spell provides the person who it has been cast on to experience a dream state like no other.


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It is on the astral plane that our souls go when we dream.  The Dream of Me Spell establishes itself on this plane and protects the area of the dream state of the person who has had the spell cast on.  Like an impenetrable energetic bubble, the voodoo magic then waits in the space that the individual will enter via the process of dreaming.

Once they have reached the appropriate dream state, the spell then works its magic by implanting dreams of you that are designed to give the dreamer the experience in their dreams that you want to have manifest on the physical plane. The spell offers memories and emotions, and through the process, the individual will have very vivid and crystal clear dreams of you that are created by the universe to be in your favor always.

Dreams that will make the person feel like it is actually happening in real life, right here on the physical plane.  They will wake up astonished that they were just dreaming while the imprint of you has been stamped on their mind.  After the first few dreams have been influenced, you will begin to notice the magic of the spell manifest.

The Dream of Me Spell is very unique in its approach to manifest the magic of the spell.  This is due to its ability to work on the astral plane that gives it such a potent level of success.  It is also a very magical spell that works in the dream state rather than the conscious state, giving it the ability to make anyone dream of you on the astral plane and have you on their conscious mind.

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