Stay with me Voodoo Spell


Stay with me Voodoo Spell


This spell has several unique elements that create staying power in your relationship.  The Stay With me Voodoo Spell works with voodoo magic, the love bond between you and your partner and the universal Law of Opposites to create weight and attachment in your relationship.


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This spell acts as an anchor for your relationship and weighs down the energy of our love bond between you and your partner.  Through this anchoring effect, you will begin to feel that there is no longer a sense of vulnerability or risk of your partner from leaving you.

Not only does this spell stop your partner from leaving you, but it has the power to return them to you if you are currently apart.  It does this through the love bond that you and your partner share.  Just because they may not be physically present does not mean they are not emotionally or spiritually present wit you.

Therefore, if they have left you, the Stay With Me Voodoo Spell will return your partner back to you by stimulating the love bond and then creating that anchor when your lover returns.

Once this anchor is cast and hooked deep in the foundation of your love, the Law of Opposites then works as a shield for your relationship, causing anything that is opposite to love from entering your relationship and risking your partner from leaving you.  Unseen elements set out to work against you, and your relationship will not be able to penetrate the protection that this spell offers.

If it is an argument or difficult situation that you are facing in your relationship and you are concerned that your partner is going to leave you, the Stay With Me Voodoo Spell is a great option to change the direction of your relationship and partners heart.

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