Delete the Past Spell


Delete the Past Spell


The spell to Delete the Past will entirely remove any remnants of your past that are presenting themselves in your current state.  More specifically, this spell works to delete memories, thoughts, or feelings that anyone associates with you and your past.

If something that you have done is preventing you from moving forward with your future, consider what this spell can do for you.

Often we are our own worst enemies in terms of letting previous mistakes, poor decisions, or regretful situations hold us back, like a weight, from achieving our desires for the future.  Many times, our past grief hurts those around us too, causing a number of elements in our relationships that are influenced by past actions.  The Delete the Past Spell works to remove any negativity or hurt that you may have caused in previous times.

The spell uses voodoo magic to unhinge any mistakes, bad memories or negative feelings that are associated with you in another individual.  When these harmful elements are released, there is a space made that the spell fills up with forgiveness and absolution.  When these positive sources of energy replace the negative, the individual begins to re-form their opinions based on these elements rather than your past.

The Delete the Past Spell also considers your karma and what will manifest in your future based on your past actions.  The universe considers your request to delete your past as a payment of your bad karma;  when we regret or feel remorse for our past actions, this communicates to the universe that you take responsibility for what you have done and have learned from your mistakes.

If you wish to have someone forgive and forget your past, this spell will achieve very promising results that will begin to manifest as developing trust and confidence from those around you.  Your relationships will heal, and your future will be clear of any obstacles from your past, preventing you from making your future.

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Standard Cast $170, Power Cast $299


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