Voodoo Protection Spell


Voodoo Protection Spell


This protection spell focuses its attention on your present and future state of being and offers a shield that repels negative forces from infiltrating your energetic being.

The Voodoo Protection Spell not only protects you from dark magic in all its forms, but it also considers any future attacks on your health, character, and well-being.

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One of the more unique properties of the Voodoo Protection Spell is its use of the universal Law of Continuity.  This specific law sets up your energetic vibration to be in conjunction with the universe, and it’s good intentions for you, creating a continuous combination of protection and well-being for your present and future state.

The Voodoo Protection Spell also offers you a personal guard against any ill intentions or actions set in place to harm you.  If you are concerned that you could be the victim of a jinx or dark magic, this spell will work diligently to remove the offensive magic or jinx and safeguard your soul from being infected with such negativity in the future.

It is the additive of the Law of Continuity that creates the impenetrable shield formed from its power, and the universe’s intentions for you, that gives the Voodoo Protection Spell it’s robust and resilient properties.  The law deals with finite and infinite elements of fate;  when the Voodoo Protection Spell is cast, it takes an evaluation of your finite, or current, state.  It then wraps itself around your energetic being and your future and creates a protective barrier around your infinite or future.

Noted for the sense of safety and comfort that is experienced, the Voodoo Protection Spell offers a unique combination of voodoo magic and universal power to protect you from all elements that are designed to harm you in your future.  Like a security blanket, this spell will give you the sense of security you desire and deserve for your present and future experiences.

This Protection Spell can be used for Protection from black magic, curses, jinx, evil eye, harm to your character, reputation & physical harm. This spell will ask the Universe to ensure that you have an extra layer of protection as you go throughout your day. It will add protection from accidents, health problems, psychic attacks, and anything else life throws your way that can be harmful. It is like a shield protecting you from the outside world and keeping your spirit and body safe.

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