Karma Cleansing


Karma Cleansing


Considering the phrase you reap what you sow, the Karma Cleansing spell uses voodoo magic and the universal Law of Attraction to attend to your past, present, and future karmic debt.

This debt is paid off, or manifested, in your life’s events, but continues to continually accumulate, causing karmic debt it to be stored for past, present of future manifestation.

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The Karma Cleansing spell makes note of your desire to clean the slate that holds your current karmic debt.  The virtue of your desire to restore good karma into your being is considered a form of responsibility and acceptance of your past negative actions.  The universe will work with karma to begin mending your soul and neutralize your karmic debt.  The stronger your desire for good karma in your soul, the more powerful the voodoo magic works with the universe to bring balance to your karma account.

Once past and present actions that have accumulated bad karma have been identified, the Karma Cleansing spell re-directs its focus to your future negative karma and how the universe intends to manifest it.  Because the universe is a fundamental element of the spell, it has the power to adjust itself, even in the form of karma and events that are to come.

When your future bad karma has been disassembled, the spell then applies the Law of Attraction into your energetic being, with focus on your karmic state.  The law works with you to increase the opportunities to build up your good karma for positive manifestation in the future.  The spell also has lasting effects that only take a little effort to maintain through good deeds.

The Karma Cleansing spell is somewhat of a purifying agent that works with the universal laws and karma to offer you a new account to rebuild your karma funds.  With the use of the Law of Attraction, the spell will work with you in your future too, guiding you along the path to forever manifest your good karma.

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