Pass a Test Spell


Pass a Test Spell


The Pass a Test Spell is for those who want to successfully pass an exam or test, and/or who want to maximize their performance in their academic studies and achievements.

The spell creates several useful situations and circumstances that will help you find the time to study.  It also stimulates and expands your memory retention, therefore increasing your ability to recall information and obtain knowledge.

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The Pass a Test Spell works with voodoo magic and the universal laws of knowledge and wisdom to entirely change the dynamics of your current studying patterns, your motivation to learn, and your ability to retain learned knowledge.  It is very dynamic in its application and path to manifestation, but it will provide you with the results you want and desire for academic success.

You will, however, need to put the energy of your own into the spell to activate it.  Another unique property of this spell is that it is fueled by your desire for success and your actions of studying,  so the more time you put in, the more you will get in return.

The energy that you put into the spell does not defeat the purpose of the spell, however.  Your actions, quite literally, encourage the Pass a Test Spell to ambitiously work harder with the Law of Knowledge and the Law of Wisdom to manifest your academic achievements.

The Pass a Test Spell not only benefits you in your present need for assistance, but it provides a lasting effect that can be applied to your future area of studies.  It will change the way you achieve success in your training and will increase your ability to retain universal knowledge and wisdom.  It creates a bond between you and the Law of Knowledge that will follow you throughout your education and sets you up for a future full of possibilities.

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