Doubt Removal Spell


Doubt Removal Spell


The Doubt Removal Spell works with voodoo magic and the universal Law of Continuity to remove doubt in your, or another person’s energetic being.

The magic finds the sources of the doubt in you or whomever the spell is cast for.  These sources of doubt show up as heavy energetic weights in our entities, and the spell works to remove those weights and replace them with knowledge and certainty.

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Once these elements are in place, you will instantly feel the heaviness of doubt lifted from you and replaced with confidence and a clear direction to proceed with.  You, or the person the Doubt Removal Spell is intended for, will be empowered with universal knowledge and wisdom, as well as the resources to find more information to further develop trust in your choices.

When this sort of trust is developed within, the Doubt Removal Spell then activates the ingredient of the Law of Continuity.  This law then replaces old negative thought patterns that are rooted in doubt and manifest as hesitation and dilemma in your, or anyone’s, life.  It is in the continuity of your new thought processes that you will begin to manifest the results of your lack of doubt.  The more you believe in your ability to make the right decisions, the stronger the power of the spell becomes.

Step by step, and decision after decision, the law will present itself through the manifestation of your confidence, certainty, and knowledge in your decision making.   Eventually, you will be the go-to person for all who need advice, direction, or some good information to make an important choice.  This is the extra benefit of the spell, as the more you help those around you, the more knowledge, confidence, and clarity you will receive.

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