Reap what you Sow Hex


Reap what you Sow Hex


This spell could be considered a karma hex in that it uses the available bad karma that exists in an individual.  There are some people that we encounter along our journey that are just cruel, selfish, and unjust.

They are the cause of stress, misery, and heartache but it may seem like they have all the fortune and good things in life, things that they do not deserve, but seem to have an abundance of.  Perhaps this causes you to wonder if the universe really does have a sense of justice and karma.

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When the Reap What You Sow Hex is cast and begins to activate its voodoo magic, the power of karma is then invited into the energetic vibration of the person it is cast upon.  Karma, in its neutral state, then scans the bad and good karma debt of the person and triggers the universal Law of Balance to begin the process of balancing out the debt.

Every ill intention will be analyzed for not only it’s karmic value, but for any cycles of negativity that presently exist due to the actions of the individual being reviewed.  When the debt is tallied by the spell, the universal Law of Balance will begin to manifest the products of any bad karma of their past/present/future, and fast.

If the person is truly deserving of this spell, the amount of bad karma will far outweigh the amount of good karma in the person’s energetic being.  It is this deficit that the law balances out in a reduced amount of time.  The ultimate power of this spell comes from your desire for justice and the universes desire to redirect bad karma debt to good; that is, this spell also tends to teach life lessons that assist with changing the direction of the person’s karmic energy to more positive vibrations.

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