Pet Protection Spell


Pet Protection Spell


The Pet Protection Spell is perfect for those who wish to give their pets a form of protection that can not be found anywhere else.  Reptiles, rodents, dogs, cats, the spell doesn’t discriminate between animals or what kind of pet you have.

The spell works with your desire to protect your pets and also uses the universal Law of conscious Effort to cover the safety and health of your pet in the future.

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You do not need to cast the Pet Protection Spell per pet;  the voodoo magic of the spell covers all pets in your family and household.  Pets are considered a part of our families, and the spell treats them as such, offering a level of protection that will give you the relief in knowing that your animals are safe, happy, and grateful that you are taking the utmost care of them.

The spell works with the vulnerability of our pets that might manifest as running away, hyperactivity, or even getting into dangerous situations inside and outside of the home.  The Pet Protection Spell also increases the health and longevity of your pets so that veterinarian bills will be replaced with many more years of unconditional love and friendship between you and your adopted family members.

Another useful element of the spell is if your pet is lost, the Pet Protection Spell will ensure that your pet is uninjured while it is missing, and it will assist with returning your pet safe and sound, back to you and your home.  Your pet will sense this added level of protection in their lives, and they will thank you for it.  They will also know that you cherish them and want to do everything you can to keep them happy, healthy, and with a full future ahead.

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