Spell to Remove Spiritual Blockages


Spell to Remove Spiritual Blockages


The Spell to Remove Spiritual Blockages is a vigorous and assertive spell that works on all levels of your entity, including the body, mind, and soul.

It is due to the influence and power of spiritual energy that enables blockages to occur in all elements of your being.  This spell is just as dynamic as the spiritual realm and considers your safety, protection, and well-being when it is applied.

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Spiritual blockages can come in many forms, including physical forms like a headache, upset stomach, or even rash.  On the emotional level, spiritual blockages can trigger emotions that are very damaging and overwhelming, leaving us drained of our own energy and overtaken by another force.  However, it is on the invisible plane of the soul that spiritual attacks and blockages pose the highest threat to you and your energetic health.

When the Spell to Remove Spiritual Blockages is cast, its primary goal is to take an inventory of all the blockages that are existent in your energetic being.  When this inventory is tabulated, the spell then works with voodoo magic which taps directly into the universe and its sovereign power and desire to manifest all that is in your best interest.

After the power of the universe has been tapped into, the voodoo magic directs the universe towards the spiritual blockages that are roaming free in your being.  Any strongholds that spiritual entities have on you are dissolved, and the energy is released and swept out of your being into the universe for neutralization.

If it is a curse or hex that has been cast on you, or if you are the victim of internal negative cycles that are caused by spiritual entities controlling your free will, the Spell to Remove Spiritual Blockages will successfully rid you of all harmful, uninvited entities that are working against you.  Whether you know of them or not, the spell will cleanse you and provide you with purified space that will provide you with the control of your life and a fulfilling future.

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