Good Luck Spell


Good Luck Spell


Sometimes referred to as casting the Midas Touch, the Good Luck Spell will make it seem like everything you touch turns to gold with the amount of luck that this spell sets in your path.

The spell uses voodoo magic, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Opposites and the energy of good luck itself to manifest all forms of luck into your life, with effects that last throughout your future.

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It is the ingredient of voodoo magic that triggers the spell to begin the process of releasing bad luck that may exist in you, preventing good luck from manifesting in your life.  Use of the Law of Opposites, any bad luck or negative blockages that are found are released and then replaced with their opposite energy form.

The Good Luck Spell uses the energy of good luck to replace whatever opposing factors are in your being and combines it with the Law of Attraction. In addition, it will replace the negative with all things that are positive and associated with good luck.  It is due to this replacement in our energetic being that creates a shift in your present state of luck and re-directs you to good luck for your future journey.

The bond between you and lady luck that is formed out of the Good Luck Spell is what will give you the touch of gold.  It will seem to you, and everyone that witnesses your good luck, that everything you touch turns to gold, or that you naturally attract so much good luck in your life.  It tends to generate feelings of envy in those around you, but there is a complimentary element to this spell too.

There seems to be a contagious nature associated with the Good Luck Spell.  That is to say, your good luck will rub off on others, making you the center of attention and always the life of the party.  Everyone wants to be around lucky people because they also get to share in the benefits, causing good luck to manifest even more for you!

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