Forgiveness Spell


Forgiveness Spell


The Forgiveness Spell should be used in the case where a grudge is blocking the flow of forgiveness that you wish to receive from an individual.  If your actions and decisions from the past have hurt or harmed someone, and they have manifested their pain as a grudge, then this spell will work to remove the power associated with the grudge, the grudge itself and will repair any bond that exists between you and the individual you wish to receive forgiveness from.

Using voodoo magic and the power of karma, the Forgiveness Spell enters your soul to find the root causes that have manifested into a grudge in the person who you have cast the spell on.  Regardless of the past, present or future state of your karmic debt, the universe considers your request for forgiveness as your heart learning its lesson, and therefore the bad karma being paid.  When your karma debt is paid, the spell then magnifies the love that is the foundation of the request.

When the power of love is stimulated by the Forgiveness Spell, it flows into the person who has the blockage in the form of a grudge through your energetic bond to the person.  When love enters their soul, they will be stimulated by all elements of this force, including forgiveness.  As the spell works its magic, the grudge is disassembled energetically, creating the space for love and forgiveness to dwell.

As mentioned, it is by your request for forgiveness that the spell gets its power.  The universe is always working on your behalf, and if it can balance out your karma and inject love into an individual or bond, it will work tirelessly to do so.  Eventually, your bond with the other person will be restored and the future of your relationship will have a foundation for the future built by the universe itself.

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