Leave my Lover Alone Spell


Leave my Lover Alone Spell


The Leave my Lover Alone Spell is often used by those who want to eliminate any external disturbance and protect the integrity of their relationship and love.

No matter what shape or form the external factors that could be working to destroy your relationship, this voodoo spell will remove them and then create a virtually impenetrable shield that will actually repel negative external forces attempting to enter your partnership in the future.

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The spell is fueled by the intention of the external factor and works with the same amount of intensity but on the opposite side of their desires.  If someone is trying to intrude on your relationship, the Leave my Lover Alone Spell will work with your existing love bond and your desire to protect your relationship.  It then compares what intentions are rooted in love and what intentions are rooted in deceit.

If it is a case of an intruder or outsider who is trying to impede on you and your partner’s relationship, the Leave my Lover Alone Spell will be able to recognize their intentions and work with the same level of intensity to remove those factors from your love bond.  When these factors are removed, the spell then creates an energetic field that surrounds you, your partner, and the energetic love bond of your relationship.

Even if you are apart, this spell creates a protective barrier on an energetic level.  You can rest assured knowing that when you and your lover are apart, anything trying to enter your relationship that is of negative intention will be repelled and blocked through the power of the magic of the spell.

The voodoo magic of the Leave my Lover Alone Spell works continuously on your behalf to nurture and protect the love in your relationship.  It is unique in its ability to continue to shield your relationship from invading forces and offers peace of mind and protection for the future of your relationship.

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