Friendship Spell


Friendship Spell


The Friendship Spell is a spell intended for those who are searching for meaningful, valued friendships, who wish to increase their popularity or who would like to make friends at their new jobs or home.

The spell uses voodoo magic and the Law of Attraction to work within your own energetic being and externally to work with events and people around you to manifest the bonds of friendship.

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The Friendship Spell works on an internal level to find elements within ourselves that could be preventing us from forming a friendship.  These elements could come in the form of negative thoughts or feelings about yourself.  Perhaps you feel that you are incapable of making friends, or that you just don’t fit in with anyone.  When internal obstacles are found, the voodoo magic of the spell begins to reverse these negative thoughts and feelings, allowing you to open up, understand your worth and begin receiving what the universe has for you.

Once the internal work is done, the Friendship Spell then activates the Law of Attraction to begin leading you to the people that are an energetic match for you and your desires for friendship.  You will begin to find shared similarities with those around you, and events and situations will bring you to a variety of people with like values and desires.  When you encounter certain individuals, you will begin to feel the bonds of friendship forming, and a level of comfort and trust will manifest, forming lasting friendships that are designed specifically for you.

With the Friendship spell, you are guaranteed that you will develop the kind of friendships that will withstand the test of time, and will be an integral part of your life.  You will experience a shared level of fulfillment and companionship leading you to consider your new that your circle of friends an extension of your family.

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